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About us

Usearchme about us

Usearchme was originally a search engine,‘i built this in 2005 ir was just an idea I had, this was before Google’s strong gold onto thr seeds engine market 

I knew my search would never be a massive player I just wanted to know if I could build it, I ran it for about 4 years but it didn’t get much traffic 

I updated it to a meta index where you can search many search engines at one time for your queries, in around 2010 it was a fun exercise.

I enjoyed building them but search engines are so fast and built so well now it’s difficult to compete with them no matter what options you offer.

I decided in around 2014 to build a pay per click marketplace which was a massive project.

In fact my marketplace was pretty excellent and the service worked really well but sadly the developer stopped supporting this software, which was a blow as it was a costly website.

I decided to just use the website for local seo in Sheffield around 2018, this way there is no software development needed apart from the websites itself 

This is built on wordless so no danger of this software being unsupported.

This has taken me where I am today I have been doing seo since 2004 so I have nearly 20 years experience.